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Affiliates Program

What is PsyQuation

PsyQuation is an analytics & incubation platform for traders. The tools developed by PsyQuation are designed to help forex traders increase their profits using machine learning (A.I.) algorithms trained on its database of more than 120,000 traders. PsyQuation features include:

Alerts System

Data driven, corrective suggestions helping you make more money

Analytics tools

Visually powerful, informative intraday statistics

PQ Score

A unique ranking algorithm that predicts trader performance


Compare yourself to the world’s top traders

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning that unleashes the power of the community

with capital allocation program to PsyQuation’s best traders 

Get funded

Trading Tools

powerful indicators, trade signals, comprehensive forecasting and institutional level quantitative models


Affiliate Program

PsyQuation is actively growing its network and we are looking for affiliate partners to bring this new and powerful platform to the masses. 

If you have a big network of Forex traders and you want to help them, then PsyQuation has an outstanding offering for you to join our Affiliate Program. The World's leading trading analytics platform is FREE. 

Check affiliate program rules below and register as affiliate via the link. Let's make more profits together!

Affiliate Program Rules

1. New PQ Account Created

A new PsyQuation account needs to be created by each lead.

2. Trading Account Connected

An MT4 account demo or live needs to be connected to the new PsyQuation account.

3. Only Unique Accounts

An MT4 account can only be registered once on the PsyQuation platform and needs to belong to the PsyQyation account owner.

4. Minimum Activity

The MT4 account needs a minimum of 3 trading days history with 4 daily logins to PsyQuation in the first month of connecting.

5. Monthly Payouts

Affiliate fees will be paid after all conditions are met. 

Check Affiliate Rewards Scale.

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